As a lifelong disease with an unpredictable outcome, IBD is associated with a high economic burden to society and a negative impact on the patient’s Quality of life. In the last 15 years new medical and surgical options have become available to patients but the Quality of care (QOC) in IBD is variable despite the introduction of European consensus guidelines. In day-to-day clinical care it is a challenge to provide IBD patients with the level of continuous care required to address their clinical needs. The provision of good quality care in chronic diseases requires different approach with greater access to information for patients, education and empowerment.

Therefore, the overreaching aim in this project is to identify determinants of QOC in a reference IBD center. We will approach this aim by exploring different strategies in multidimensional care improvement projects. Each project focuses on specific change methods, including information, patient engagement through apps or the involvement of specialized nursing care.

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